Behaviorial Fit is Critical

Successful leaders know that “fit” is more important for achieving success than any other metric. When people are in roles that fit their behavior preferences they perform at their best and are more engaged and fulfilled.

elateus’ end-to-end talent management solutions help companies recruit, build and develop high-performing teams. We are the leading North American provider of PRISM Brain Mapping, the cutting-edge, behavior-based analysis tool.

elateus delivers clear and objective insights that help individuals understand:

  • Themselves
  • Others
  • Their teams
  • Their organizational culture

Bringing out the best in people, teams, and organizations

People. Performance. Prism.

elateus uses the neuroscience-based PRISM Brain Mapping to assess a vast range of behaviors and help you craft the solutions that deliver for your organization.

PRISM measures the things you like doing and the behavioral characteristics related to those activities. When behavior preferences match your role and activities, your job satisfaction and productivity will be higher. The range and accuracy of insights can be applied to multiple applications, all from a single questionnaire.

We Are Unique

PRISM is vastly different from Myers-Briggs, DiSC, and the other well-known personality assessment tools.

  1. Based on neuroscience, not theories
  2. Illuminates behaviors, not personalities
  3. Inclusive and unbiased, no labels or boxes

elateus is uncompromisingly committed to a Return on Investment for our clients.

Commercial Team Building was the perfect solution to integrate new members into one of our key customer teams to deliver a great Joint Business Plan (JBP). Understanding each other made both the process and role allocation so much more efficient and effective. I would definitely recommend elateus and Commercial Solutions to anyone building a business team or preparing for their next challenge.

– Tommy Baroody, VP Sales, Purina

Our Solutions

Recruit. Build. Develop.


We isolate your star performers’ behavioral DNA so you can match candidates to it.


We deliver measurable team development so you can build great performance fast.


We drive objective individual development, coaching, and proactive succession planning.

We definitely made the right decision in engaging elateus to deliver their Performance Team Building program. The workshop exceeded my expectations, delivering the most thoughtful, objective, and commercially focused session I’ve experienced.

– Jim Matte, former SVP Human Resources, Coca-Cola Consolidated