We help organizations maximize returns on their greatest asset, their people.

We apply a behavior-based approach to recruitment, on-boarding, and developing people that lowers recruitment costs, reduces turnover and sets people on a path to peak performance.

Every role inside your organization requires a unique set of behaviors to achieve peak performance. We call this the success profile of the job role.

We help organizations match candidates to the success profile of a specific job role. When people are in roles that match their behavior preferences, they are more productive, engaged with their work and thrive within your organization.


Our Solutions


The answer to your recruitment and talent development challenges can be found inside your organization, with your high performers. Our solutions utilize exclusive behavior-based analytics, powered by PRISM, to drive significant ROI.





RECRUIT to Retain

Reduce turnover, boost retention, lower business disruption

DEVELOP for Peak Performance

Leverage personalized development to better engage new and existing employees



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SUCCEED for the Future

Manage talent and career development through behavioral analytics




What is PRISM Brain Mapping ?

PRISM is a neuroscience-based online assessment tool specifically designed to identify behavior preferences directly related to personal relationships and work performance.


Unlike personality assessments, PRISM approaches human behavior from the perspective of neuroscience rather than psychological theory. Personality assessments identify people as being one thing or another. PRISM reveals balances and imbalances instead of the labelling that comes from bi-polar methods. PRISM is an eight dimension behavior model. Its sensitivity and clarity of insight is unsurpassed.


PRISM measures the things people like doing and the behavioral characteristics related to those activities. Research shows that people whose behavior preferences match their occupation and activities find greater satisfaction, are more productive, and have higher levels of motivation. These results can increase the individual’s work performance and enhance the chances of career success. The range and accuracy of insights can be applied to multiple applications, all from a single questionnaire.


A Harvard Business Review study (HBR Volume 58, no.9) has shown that staff turnover almost doubles when no job suitability match has been undertaken. The study also concluded that 80% of staff turnover can be attributed to mistakes made during the employee recruitment and selection process.


Our exclusive, online assessment provides organizations with the information they need to recruit to retain, develop for peak performance , and support them to succeed for the future. 

Behavior vs. Personality

You can’t change your personality; you grow by adapting and developing your behaviors. Our approach gives individuals accurate insights they can easily understand and use, enabling them to build their own success.

No Labels

We don’t label or pigeon-hole individuals, freeing them to own their development.

More About PRISM


Based on the latest neuroscience breakthroughs, PRISM has been validated over 15 years with many thousands of people and translated into 15 languages.