Our Team

We know the challenges you’re facing.

Our decades of real world experience, combined with our expertise as PRISM practitioners, make us uniquely qualified to support your challenging journey.

Our goal is to see you and your teams thrive.

Simon Brocklehurst

Principal Partner

Simon has helped many of the world’s leading organizations solve their commercial relationship challenges. His practical approach to building a clear vision, and strategy to achieve that vision, enables clients to deliver and evolve in our fast-changing world. Whether it’s customer management, customer service or negotiation, his focus on clarity, flexibility and engaging the teams he works with are hallmarks of Simon’s approach. His experience working in a broad set of leading roles for blue-chip companies provides the perspective to deliver solutions that stick.

I enjoy getting into client challenges, exploring innovative options and then delivering practical solutions that engage and excite their teams to achieve great results.

Steve Clark

Principal Partner

Steve is a results-oriented leader with over 25 years’ experience working in senior executive customer service and operations roles. He has a deep understanding of what it takes to build and maintain an organization equipped to deliver authentic service. At the same time, Steve is recognized for his leadership and collaboration with corporate senior executives in removing operational inefficiencies and improving financial performance. Steve uses his high behavioral preference for challenging the status quo while ensuring the elateus team keeps moving forward with creative solutions that return a positive ROI for our clients.

I’m passionate about working closely with clients, digging into the detail to fully evaluate and understand their challenges and then converting ideas into real-world solutions, seamless implementation, and a positive return on investment.

Kim Tully

Principal Partner

Kim is an experienced operations executive with a track record of success in many businesses and industries. With degrees in chemical engineering and health care administration, she has a strong IT background and held leadership roles in organizations in the Mediterranean and the Middle East for over 3 decades. During a decade in Dubai, Kim was one of only a handful of female C-suite executives. Her behavior preferences include strong drive and attention to detail, which works well with her strong preference for coordinating people to attain corporate goals and objectives. Kim is especially attuned to engaging others.

I enjoy solving complex problems through deep analysis combined with attention to detail, a strong drive to overcome hurdles and by engaging other people, making good use of their skills.

Mark Tully

Principal Partner

Mark’s corporate career spanned over 25 years in CPG sales, distribution and operational roles that took him from the frontline into senior management roles across three continents. He has a deep understanding of the factors needed to deliver superior sales and service. Mark’s behavior preferences are very much people-oriented; servant leadership underpins his approach and he thrives on enabling breakthroughs at the individual, team and organization level. He launched his first start-up in 2007, which became a leading training and consultancy service. Since becoming aware of PRISM Brain Mapping a decade ago, Mark has become our PRISM Master Practitioner and in-house expert.

I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and clients, keeping the client front and center of thinking, deploying elateus solutions to deliver insights and experiences that motivate and empower performance.

Kellen Clemens

Head of elateus Sports

After a 12-year career as a quarterback in the NFL, Kellen brings his energy and passion for team building and organizational efficiency to elateus. He has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Oregon and a rich leadership background across a multitude of diverse groups and teams. A strong work ethic, high standards of excellence, and an enduring desire to better know and serve his teammates were the pillars of Kellen’s athletic career. He is excited to use those same behavioral preferences for drive and analysis to help clients recruit, build and develop successful teams both in the corporate and athletic realms.

I enjoy any opportunity to drive a project forward and am willing to make the tough decisions necessary to achieve the end goal. I take the responsibility of delivering significant ROI for our clients seriously and love being challenged to push my limits.

Advisory Board

The elateus Advisory Board was created to provide strategic advice, current industry knowledge and critical thinking to support our growth. Our Advisory Board members have extensive industry experience in North America, Europe, and Asia in areas such as consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, energy and renewables, and alternative investing and technology. They hold and have held executive leadership positions in human resources, commercial, private equity, and legal.