Finding the right fit means looking beyond the obvious

If you’re going to succeed as an organization, forget everything you know about hiring for skills.

You need the right people aligned around a clear vision and strategy, with a clear understanding of themselves and their teammates. You need to empower their growth over time.

You can train people to develop the skills for any given role. So why hire based mainly on work experience when behaviors are what best position us for success?

Maximize Your Recruitment Budget

Imagine the benefits of being able to understand the behavior preferences of your entire organization as individuals and as a whole.

This means increased and improved:

  • Communication
  • Clarity
  • Motivation
  • Productivity
  • ROI

Our cutting-edge solutions unlock the potential of your people and teams and let you maximize your recruitment budget. Built on the foundation of PRISM Brain Mapping, our solutions use advanced neuroscience at scale, giving you total confidence in the process and the results.

Inclusive and Unbiased
PRISM focuses on behaviors, not personalities or appearances, so our solutions go beyond the surface, resulting in unbiased diversity and inclusivity.

Tailored and Scalable
All our solutions are built just for you, using our decades of real-world commercial experience and extensive suite of scalable tools. elateus maximizes the value of your current team and provides the recruiting solutions to bring in the right hires you need to take your organization to the next level.

The results are transformative and measurable.


An End-to-End Talent Management Platform

When it comes to managing your talent, you have three basic needs.


  • Success Blueprint Creation
  • Interview Support
  • External Selection
  • Internal Selection
  • Onboarding


  • Commercial Team Building
  • Performance Team Building
  • Team Performance Diagnostic
  • 360 Degree Feedback


  • PRISM Insights & Debrief
  • Personal Preferences Summary
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Coaching
  • People Analytics


89% of the time when employees don’t work out, it’s because of fit*

So why hire based mainly on skills when behaviors are what best positions you for success? Hiring is expensive, time-consuming and risky. elateus has the breakthrough solution, one that hasn’t existed before.

Our Success Blueprint™ highlights the behaviors that make a difference in your role, team, and organization. We analyze 22 behavior dimensions, removing guesswork and providing clarity at every stage of your recruitment process.

Success Blueprint

Essential Screening

Preference Fit




RECRUITMENT OUTPUTS: Objective, Individual Insight to Support Selection, Interviewing and Onboarding of Candidates (Internal and External)

*Source: Mark Murphy/Leadership IQ survey of 20,000 hires.


A Great Team Needs Two Things:

  • A unified vision and strategy to achieve it
  • Understanding and real connection among team members

Whether you want help with your vision and strategy, or just need to build performance fast, elateus has data and behavior-based solutions to build exceptional teams.

Commercial Team Building

If you’re building a team from the ground up, or if your vision and strategy are unclear or underperforming you need Commercial Team Building.

Using our powerful combination of business experience and behavioral insight, we’ll support you to deliver the essentials for a successful team. Our unique Practical Strategy model, combined with PRISM Brain Mapping put in place the keys for your team to win.

COMMERCIAL TEAM BUILDING OUTPUTS: Vision, Strategy, Individual PRISM Report and Debrief, Team Analytics, Personal Preferences Summary, Team Performance Diagnostic

Performance Team Building

If you have a robust vision and strategy that are working but your team needs accelerating, Performance Team Building is right for you.

Focused on personal and team understanding, using PRISM Brain Mapping, this program provides unprecedented personal and team insights. Actions are agreed and progress measured over time.

PERFORMANCE TEAM BUILDING OUTPUTS: Individual PRISM Report and Debrief, Team Analytics, Personal Preferences Summary, Team Performance Diagnostic

Both programs are available in-person or virtually.


elateus helps develop individuals throughout their careers.

We all want to develop throughout our careers, and elateus provides tools to make personal development and career planning more powerful. The multitude of personal PRISM insights enable individuals to understand the strengths they can hone. Success Blueprints™ give clarity on where development is required to excel in current and future roles, providing so much more focus than previously possible.

With objective measures such as Emotional Intelligence and Mental Toughness, powerful conversations can be had without anyone feeling they are being judged. Coaching is so much more effective when it’s based on aligned understanding, enabling you to quickly focus where help is most effective.

elateus’ analytics and Success Blueprints™ provide data, information and insights for you to proactively plan team development, succession planning, and career pathing supported by facts more than opinions. The result is a more inclusive and rewarding environment.

DEVELOPMENT OUTPUTS: Performance Coaching, Succession Planning, Brain Mapping, and People Analytics

We’ve been blown away by the results. We’re no longer restricted to candidates from our industry or within our network, widening the candidate search with confidence, because by the interview stage we’re only reviewing candidates that fit the job role and our culture. We’re fully integrating elateus’ end-to-end recruitment solution from now on, as the ROI through significantly improved selection and increased retention is indisputable.

– Scott Clark, CEO, RW Allen Construction