We’re rewriting the playbook on building high performing sports teams

elateus sports utilizes the same neuroscience-based PRISM Brain Mapping as our corporate solutions to collect and analyze data about behavior preferences and transform that data into actionable insights.

This allows coaches to connect with their athletes faster on an individual level, collaborate more effectively with their staff, and build high-performing teams. With over 20 years’ experience in collegiate and professional sports, we recognize the pressures and demands of this environment and are here to help. Our system produces real results, fast.

The benefit to teams, players, and coaches?

  • More successful and impactful recruiting
  • Accelerated development and consistent performance
  • Rewarding futures

Meet elateus sports Principal Partner

Kellen Clemens knows the world of sports because he lived it. Kellen is a 12-year NFL veteran quarterback. During his collegiate and professional career, he realized a passion for various aspects of team dynamics, and coaching and mentoring young athletes. He loves bringing PRISM Brain Mapping’s data-driven insights, so successful in the corporate world, to teams, coaches and individual athletes, helping athletes excel on the field, in the classroom and in life.

The program proved to be a profound experience as I gained a better understanding of my team, their needs, and how I could best support them. We all learned critical insights about each others’ behavioral preferences that will play a significant role in how we operate together, and what role each individual will play going forward. The data-driven analytics of the PRISM tool was unlike any other assessment I have experienced; both personally and at the overall team level.

– Ryan Rotner, Director of Connected Products, Nike